Additional Materials

From this section you can download a fair amount of added materials, including cards you can find new units and new missions not included in the free version of the rules. You can also download all the consumable material for the full version of Game Rules. The free version of the rules is a reduction of the full one which only includes the basic rules for the clash between naval units.


The following downloads are all in pdf or zip format.

Errata Corrige for Admiral 2.0

ADMIRAL 2.0 Errata Corrige page 216.

Errata Corrige for Admiral 2.0

ADMIRAL 2.0 Errata Corrige page 223.

Rule Simplified

New Simplified free version of ADMIRAL 2.0 with only the minimum rules concerning the combat between ships. The tables relating to malus shooting and critical damage bonuses are only available in the paid version.

Template of Fire and Motion

Template for determining the angles of fire and turn of the ship.

Diary of the Base Missions

Here are some simple and famous missions to start playing with.

Features Units

Cards with the basic characteristics of the units to be used in free missions.

Cards Activation Units

Activation cards for all units specified in the free missions.

Templates for the sandbar

Silhouettes of sandbars or shallow water to be printed and cut out.

Silhouettes for Component Coastal Profiles

Silhouettes of modular coast profiles to print and cut out.

Silhouettes Naval Units for Base missions

Surrogates in paper of the units specified in the missions to be printed, cut and paste on cardboard.

Analogues of Dices in Paper

For those who do not want to buy the necessary dice here are those of paper to be printed, cut and paste.

Stamps for the numbering of units in play

Associating ships in play with the corresponding cards and activation cards may not always be easy, especially when we have many units of the same class on the table. Here is a series of numbered stamps to be printed, cut out and glued under ship models.

Splashes for failed hits

Simulacra of paper to cut out and paste for water splashes of failed strokes.

English and German ships silhouettes.

Atlantic paper material

Italian and French ships silhouettes.

Mediterranean paper material

Silhouettes American and Japanese ships.

Pacific paper material

Submarine Carton Silhouettes.

Paper material for submarines

Board and Paper Material for Campaigns.

Paper material for Campaigns

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