Steam Shark is a combat game between naval vehicles that fight each other using a series of torpedoes of various types that will be launched from each ship in order to eliminate the other contenders.

Purpose of the game

The aim of the game is to eliminate all other vehicles in play by hitting them with their own torpedoes. Players can be from two to six even divided into two or three teams.

Game Materials

Six Markers of the different Steel Shark with related cards describing their characteristics, torpedo cards according to type, Steel Shark movement cards and Torpedo movement cards, leader's propensity cards and a deck of damage cards.


Each Steam Shark has a commander with special skills. Each commander is characterized by three propensities that are: Cunning (propensity to deception strategy and tactics) Mechanics (inclined to the technical improvements to the own boat) Bravado (Very brave in all situations) Each player will be able to choose many cards from commanding skill decks for how many propensities of each type are specified up to a maximum of 6 cards.

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