About LuXLu

We LuXLu, in other words Luca Canese and Luigi Maini, have been passionate about board games and wargames for decades, and have always been looking for a game that can fully satisfy us. This research ultimately led us to the first attempts to write some game ruless on our behalf, first by making slight changes to existing ruless, then trying to create new ones in a spasmodic search for something new that could somehow renew the mechanisms of today's wargames and games. In 2010 we decided to self-produce our first game and export it outside the doors of our club so that a wider audience could benefit from it. Over the years, passing from one event to another, we made ourselves known and appreciated thanks to a series of expansions and new games.


At Lucca Comics & Games 2015 we were awarded the Valerio "Conan" Laurenzi Award for Admiral voted as best wargame of the year.

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